They will eventually give out but not from the acetone. My cousin in Mission suggested I use acetone. I tried this, first few tanks made no differance, and the one time, ZING!!! ***CALL FOR BULK PRICING AND MULTI BOX SHIPPING QUOTE*** Write Review. Also My parents told me of a story of having someone who built a very efficient car "go away" from the country where they used to live thanks to big oil companies. Corporations, these fictitious third parties who now have rights equal to our own as human beings are designed to do only one thing and in fact they must do this one thing in order to honor their commitment to their shareholders, and that is to make money, period. If you want to see your gascets dry and and fall apartuse alcohol, quess what its in both fuels highly, both gas and E-85. Polish Remover removes powder, liquid, wraps, and tips from natural nails. NO QUESTION, at least for me, and that increase was with a 16 year old 1992 geo prizm (toyota corolla rebadge) with oil that is 3000 miles past an oil change, a dirty air filter, and extremly old sparkplugs, and thats the truth. I know that most will say it's because of retiming my engine. Internal combustion engines powered by gasoline have been proven to be incredibly inefficient because they do not make full use of the fuel itself, which is why we have so much smog people. And your car or truck will run great with it. I will fill up my tank. too early to tell regarding consumption though. I will keep records and come back and post after each tank of gas. I meant I will increase it to 2 oz per 10 gal then 3 oz per 10 gal. And as far as oil companis go, you are so nieve. Thanks for the page. You must be logged in to add an item to your favorites, click here to login. Learn when you can cost on your daily driving and where you can start coasting. rather than burn better than gasolin? Was it made in the thirties? E-85 will clog up your injcetors and whole fuel system, pretty much kill your engine out, but seems your ok with that rite everyone? Acetone is the primary ingredient in nail-polish remover. Amsoil is better oil. Be carefull who you listen too, there are powers at be who won't to control you by keeping you dumbed down and ignorent. Corporations are now just like you and I at least in terms of their human and inalienable rights, except that of course they are many many times more wealthy than any single living individual on this planet. Upon adding acetone to my 1987 Celica GT gas tank, If I can risk and Audi, you can test it in your car too. I read somewhere that the ideal amount is 4 ounces of acetone to 10 gallons of gas. Before Acetone was added to my tank, I retimed my engine. Excellent for all enhancements including wraps and sculptures. In Illinois fuel is required to have 10% ethenol in it. I have started testing on my 2005 cavalier. it did work for me, but someone said to me be carefull what it does to ur diesel pump (or petrol). I guess if I owned a really inexpensive, older car, I might try it. 77, No. Or 2 or 3 onces per 10 gallons. those who oppose the use of acetone in gas warn that acetone will disolve plastic and rubber parts.. and i can see that B12 Chemtool and Seafoam fuel treatment, with acetone being active ingredient, come in tin cans.. but then again, they are meant to be used in the fuel system.. so what the fuss about acetone harming effects?? acetone in gas will only improve the efficiency of the engines with higher compression ratios, like those Japanese-made engines. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Thanks for sharing that inside info with us! It raises my Town and County from 340 KM per tank It will pick up your gas miliage if you use gasoline, not E85, gasoline. There have been many hunderds of inventors able to make cars run better and last longer for atleast the last 50 years. Terrain: 9.95 miles each way on flat concrete state road. They'd count on getting a certain number of new customers as a result of the ad campaign. Nailite's 100% Pure Acetone are the professional's number one choice for quality and value. Thirty years ago a blue print was made for an engine that would get 100 miles to the gallon and the wonderful government that you are hallucinating about killed the idea before it ever got made. Unfortunately this perfectly acceptable memo regarding this analysis was discovered by a plaintiff's attorney and was introduced at trial to support a punitive damage claim. Turpentine, as I new from experience, was a slow burning and smokey fuel with a higher flash point. If you really want to increase your gas mileage I would suggest that you try Ethos fuel saver. I did have an increase in milage I'm getting 2 miles to the gallon better in the city and on the highway. Wipe clean and repeat. Also, my top speed has been a consistent 39mph for 1700 miles since new. They make money from you only if you don't know how they are stealing it. Make sure you watch the whole video and also check out our articles on gas efficient driving and other gas saving ideas. I finally decided to quit reading and start driving. After 3 tanks of gas I should have a good idea if this is going to work or not. As a result between 50-80 percent of the gasoline that goes into the engine, comes out the same way, unburnt causing the majority of what we consider pollution from gas burning cars. Would you put your money on big oil/gas/auto here? La Palm 100% Acetone, Gallon. And yeah, that's a good assumption. ! But after reading all of this stuff about acetone I cant help but wanna try it. I once spilled automotive paint in the garage, and a week later i went to clean it up. I said that I will increase to 2 oz then 3 oz. It's proven that acetone in gas increases its octane rating, whereas ethanol reduces it. Product Code: 10010. 0. I mixed seemingly random amounts of both liquids in the tank and the mower ran like a champ all day. Conditions: No traffic, no stop lights, wide open throttle all the way at 42mph. My business is selling scooters and gas mileage, so I am going to publish these findings in the store for my customers. Acetone 100% Packaging: 1 Gallon. We would see $2.00 a gallon gas again, but it is going to take a lot of people. I put it in my 1976 self propelled Lawnboy mower. Brand. Now what works and what doesn't and why are completely different topics of discussion and it is generally going to take personal experimentation to determine which is which. Wow, that's so... um, how is a nice way to put it? What makes you think they want to sell you less gas? I generally trust Tom and Ray, but as someone pointed out on the Snopes forum, Tom and Ray were following the advice of an oil industry expert, who could hardly be considered an objective source of information. As the supply, though allegedly dwindling, is still abundant, they have every reason to prevent efficiency from rising because they have plenty of material to sell. If you're interested in anything, it has a price. Funny you should mention race cars, because it just so happens that race cars used to run a very high amount of this stuff. Do a little research and you will find there is nothing "snake oil" about this idea. tested 405 miles with 16 gallon = 25.3mpg I filled up again today, and put in 8.3 gallons. Never den ,just buy. I am sorry, I don't mean to sound mean, but if you think about what you posted it seems a bit backwards. i have also beeen resaerching this idea and have became confident enough to begin my own trial with acetone but the funny thing is that if the big oil companies see this more than a fad or above a grassroots amount of useage acetone will soon be two dollars an ounce or somthing of that nature i can see leverage buyouts of acetone maufactures or better yet a clever chemist who makes a fuel additive to render it ineffective dont mean to drag in a dark cloud but after all we are just sheep doing as were told in our free country run by big business rather than the people .......our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves. I put 3oz/10 gal ratio in my tank, ran two trips and found I got 33 one day and 34 the next. They would be able to price the "Extra Power" gas higher to find a point where the new product brings the company more profit per gallon sold, while keeping the dollars-per-mile cost competitive. The reality is that lots of things can be done to increase the efficiency of our cars because there is a lot of room for improvement, which is why auto makers are constantly putting in technological advances each and every year. You're just another person spreading wrong information. I own a 2007 Ford Taurus,I am now getting 8-10 miles to a gallon more,a 2000 Ford Crown ex- state police car that weights 4000 pounds,I am getting 5-8 miles to a gallon more. Acetone will not harm any components in your fuel system. would the people who have tested this please say whether or not the state they live in requires gas to have ethanol in and if so how much?